Krita Kataria has had a number of different roles at PepsiCo over the last two decades. Over half this time she has worked part time, but this hasn’t stopped Krita from seeing her career take off.

Krita joined PepsiCo in 1999. Before joining Pepsico she’d paused her career while she had her first child but decided to go back to work in the logistics department at Walkers factory in Leicester.

“I’d been made redundant at my previous job, where I’d worked for eight years. I decided then that after my first child I would have a bit of a career break. My priorities shifted a little once I’d had a child, and after a while, I decided to go into a new area of work.”

Krita soon got off to a flying start. As a front-line employee Krita was working towards being a front-line manager - this usually takes around two years… For Krita it took just nine months.

Over the years, Krita moved around to experience multiple areas of the business.

“I held managerial roles in everything from manufacturing to transport. Spending around nine months each in three different roles. I found by doing this I developed my skills and breadth of knowledge incredibly quickly.”

Building confidence

The experience certainly helped Krita in her career, she is now the Contract Manufacturing Manager for Juice across Western Europe. Here she works with multiple suppliers across many sites and countries to make sure we have the juices we know and love on our shelves.

“I’ve progressed quickly in my career, but PepsiCo has really nurtured me to have the confidence and ability to take these big opportunities on.”

Part of this has been through the PepsiCo programmes in which Kirta has participated, including Strategies for Success a programme which helps accelerate the careers of talented female middle managers.

“I did PepsiCo’s Strategies for Success programme in 2012 – it was quite early on, so I was actually a bit of a guinea pig. But it turned out to be a massive turning point in my career. While I’d always had great managers in the business who helped open doors for me, Strategies for Success gave me the tools and self-belief to grab opportunities and not rely on others to suggest them.”

And this training hasn’t stopped there. Krita recently took part in PepsiCo’s transformational leadership programme, a seven-day course which equips women with the right tools to reach for their career goals.

“Taking part in this programme has reinforced everything I learnt in Strategies for Success. It was a good reminder to be bold, brave and confident.”

PepsiCo as a top employer

Krita has adapted her working hours to suit the needs of her children and family – at one point working 09:30-14:00 to enable her to take and pickup her kids from school. She now works from home – a benefit Krita loves as it lets her walk her dogs during the day!

“One of the most encouraging things about PepsiCo for me has been the level of flexibility I’ve been given. It’s never been a point of issue just a discussion about me balancing what is important in my life.

“I think for everyone, but mainly women, getting that balance is often so difficult to achieve - it’s been great to see PepsiCo so open and flexible.”

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